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Products designed for industrial applications.

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Series CO motion transmission devices








Series CO

motion transmission devices

Mod. COE: elastomer coupling with clamps

Mod. COS: elastomer coupling with expansion shaft

Mod. COT: self-centering locking-set

The motion transmission devices are

necessary for a proper connection of

electromechanical axes and cylinders

with motors or gearboxes.

Mod. COE couplings are composed of

two hubs with a high concentricity clamp

and an elastomeric element.

Mod. COS couplings are composed of

one hub with a high concentricity clamp,

a hub with expansion shaft and an

elastomeric element.

The torque transmission is performed

without angular play or vibrations.

Both couplings are without angular

play thanks to the pretensioning of

the elastomer between the two semi-


Mod. COT locking-sets are composed by

an internal and an external conical ring

connected with eachother by means of

several screws. Through the tightening

of the screws, an axial force is generated

that enables the torque transmission

from the shaft to the hub.