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Products designed for industrial applications.

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Series DRWB drives







Series DRWB drives

for the control of electric actuation

Drives for Brushless motors,

sizes in power classes 100, 400 and 750 W

The Camozzi drives Series DRWB have

been designed to control the movement

of the Camozzi electromechanical

actuators (Series 5E and Series 6E).

The servo drives DRWB, compact and

especially optimized for the brushless

Camozzi motors, are completely digital

and available in the power classes

100 W, 400 W and 750 W. Equipped

with vector mode and the function

of Autotuning and containment of

vibrations, they are made in such a way

to easily perform replacements and to

have a two-line alphanumeric display

with 4 control keys on the servo driver.

A digital pulse interface allows control of

the direction, position, speed and torque.

It is possible to control the drives with

analogic signals.



Completely digital drives



PLC function programmable

with the Camozzi QSet

configuration software



Control of speed, position

and torque (torque only

for Series DRWB)



64 positions programmable

through the QSet



Self-compensation of errors