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Products designed for industrial applications.

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Series DRWS drives







Series DRWS drives

for the control of electric actuation

Drives for Stepper motors, one size/version

The Series DRWS Camozzi drives have

been designed to control the movement

of the Camozzi electromechanical

actuators (Series 5E and Series 6E).

The DRWS drives, compact and

optimized in one size, have been

especially studied for all Camozzi

Stepper motors. They are capable of

controlling Stepper motors with 2 phases

and micro stepping feed. They are

able to calculate the normal resonance

frequency of the motors and optimize

their driving. Moreover, they can reduce

natural friction to a minimum during very

slow rollings of the Stepper motor, giving

a continuous and very fluid (smooth

effect) movement at any speed thanks

to the Microstepping technique, thus

achieving a 1/64 STEP resolution.



Completely digital drives



PLC function programmable

with the Camozzi QSet

configuration software



Control of speed,

position and torque



32 positions programmable

through the QSet



Self-compensation of errors

Another function that has been

integrated into the drives reduces

vibrations to a minimum during rotation

inversion or during sudden changes in

speed. At initial ignition/ switching on,

the DRWS drives are able to calculate

the inductance, the electrical resistance

of the motor connected and the inertia of

the motor, and saves these parameters

inside in order to better manage the

driving of the motors.