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Products designed for industrial applications.

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Series 5E electromechanical axis







Series 5E

electromechanical axis

Sizes 50, 65, 80

Series 5E axes are mechanical linear

actuators in which the rotary movement

generated by a motor is converted into a

linear movement by means of a toothed


The Series 5E, available in 3 sizes,

50, 65 and 80, is realized by means

of a special self-supporting square

profile, in which the components have

been completely integrated, assuring

compactness and light weight.

The presence of a recirculating ball guide

grants high stiffness and resistance to

external loads.

To protect the internal elements from

potential contaminants from the external

environment, the profile has been closed

with a stainless steel plate. The axis

is equipped with a magnet that makes

it possible to use external proximity

switches (Series CSH), allowing

operations like homing or extra-stroke

readings to be performed. Moreover,

these actuators also have accessories in

order to be used with inductive sensors.

The Series 5E is equipped with specific

interface kits making it possibleto

connect the motor on 4 sides. The use

with high dynamics and the possibility

to realize multi-axis systems, make the

Series 5E particularly suitable for the

packaging and assembly sectors.



Multiposition system

with transmission of the

movement with toothed belt



Suitable for high dynamics



Possibility to connect

the motor on 4 sides



Large range of

motor interfaces



Possibility to use magnetic

proximity switches and/

or inductive sensors



IP 40



Max stroke 6 meters



Plates to realize multi-

axis systems



Presence of internal

channels for re-lubrication



Large range of axis

mounting accessories

Versions available:



Standard slider



Long slider



Double slider







Type of guide

electromechanical axis with toothed belt

open profile with protection plate

multi-position actuator

50, 65, 80

50 ÷ 4000 mm for size 50; 50 ÷ 6000 mm for sizes 65 and 80

internal, with recirculating balls (cage type)


Mounting motor

by means of slots on the profile and special clamps

on all 4 sides

Operating temperature

Storage temperature

-10°C ÷ +50°C

-20°C ÷ +80°C

Protection class



Duty cycle

IP 40

centralized lubrification by means of internal channels

± 0.05 mm


Use with external sensors Series CSH magnetic switches in special slots or inductives by means of supports

New models